Sunday, January 17, 2010

Grabine Lakeside State Park - low cost, pet friendly, facilities

It was a while ago that we visited Grabine Lakeside.  Located on Lake Wyangala the closest township is a smallish place called Bigga.  It is reasonable close to Crookwell and about 120km or so from Goulburn.  It's also not that far from Cowra, as the crow flies, bearing in mind that Cowra is on the other side of the lake.

Lake Wyangala formed as a result of construction of Wyangala Dam.  The Dam construction commenced in 1929, and the final stages were completed in 1971.  It is located at the confluence of the Lachlan and Abercrombie  Rivers.  It's in pretty poor condition at the moment, the drought has the level down to about 6% of it's capacity.

Unlike a lot of places that we camp this one has toilets, showers, a little shop, a public telephone, BBQ areas and picnic tables.  There are also some powered campsites available, along with onsite cabins etc.

I guess if you were looking for a first camping trip this would be the go.  If you hated the tent you could stay in a cabin or onsite van.

We didn't take a lot of pics this time around...

Parked at the entry


View of the lake from nearby lookout

 And a special treat this week.

The photo below was taken somewhere in the park.  I won't say where, but it was such a treat to see the albino kangaroo.  We put the 4WD into low range and slowly moved toward the mob and took some more pictures.  I was surprised that he (or she) hadn't been shunned by the mob!

The albino kangaroo

I did take more pictures, if you want to see them contact me via comments.

OK - some camping stuff...
Access:  All 2WD - there is some dirt road on the way in.
Toilets: Yes - flushing.
Showers: Hot showers available.
Water: Yes.
Shop: Yes - fuel, ice, LPG, groceries.
Pets: Yes - Dogs on leash
Cost: Visit the website for details
GPS: -33 57.1, 149 1.36


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