Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oura Beach Reserve - Free, Pet Friendly Camping near Wagga Wagga

During the week I had a cal from one of our relative, who asked about where to camp free down here.  He is retired and pretty well traveled, and was looking for somewhere he hadn't been.  We chatted about a couple of places on here and then he asked about a place I stayed at about Easter last year.  Last year we did head off to a place that was free, pet friendly and located on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River.

So to share this place with all, it is called Oura Beach Reserve.  It is located about 20 km or so north west of Wagga Wagga just outside of a little village called Oura.

We set off from Yass with some friends, their kids, a couple of dogs and a vague idea of how to get there.  I had been in contact with a chap called Derek Bullock, who owns and runs Camp Oven Cooking in Australia.  His website is very cool, and has a page with some pictures of the Reserve.  A couple of emails later I had a rough idea of where to go.

The sign indicates significant
work undertaken by the community

With 2 cars, 2 dogs and 2 kids we decided to camp away from the main camp area.

Main camping area
Mainly so as we weren't a disturbance to the other campers, and there were a couple of others.

Campers and the composting toilet
is the green structure at the right

So we set up a little ways away on the bank of the river, after having a bit of a drive along.  There is plenty of space to set up as close or as far away as you want from others.

Our campsite

A slightly different view

So where is the beach I hear you ask...
It's and Aussie bush beach
The water may flow quickly through here at times so check first, and if you are not confident - do not risk it.

There is also (apparently) fairly good fishing along the banks of the river, cod and yellowbellies to be had from the deeper holes.  Usual disclaimer about me no being a fisherman and not trying it out applies.

Also some explanations...  The photos are not the usual high quality pics from the other post.  Firstly they were taken on my iPhone - I managed to leave my camera bag behind.  Secondly at the time I didn't have any plans to start a blog so I wasn't too bothered about not having the 'proper' camera.  Those with eagle eyes will notice that the trusty Land Rover isn't in the pictures.  At the time we owned the blue Toyota Landcruiser.  I could dedicate a whole new blog to the adventures of 'Onslow' as it was named.  Perhaps I'll get to some of his adventures in here.

OK - the camping stuff...
Access:  Sealed road most of the way so 2WD is fine.
Toilets: One fairly new self-composting type toilet.
Showers: No.
Water: No - river.
Shop: No - drive to Wagga Wagga.
Campfires: Yes - subject to firebans.
Pets: Yes - No posted restrictions
Cost: Free.
GPS: -35.1215,147.542

This is definitely a good site to go to if you are toying with the idea of bush camping.  If it were to be overly crowded, nearby there are plenty of Traveling Stock Routes that you could set yourself up on as well.


  1. Great article....!!!Nice to know about new things with helping concept.

  2. Thank you; this post has been most helpful especially the GPS co-ordinates.

    Kind Regards,

    Shirley King

    1. We havn't been there for a while just wondering what it is like after floods and fire that have been through the area

  3. It's a pretty place. We found a nice spot to pitch the tent for 2 nights. The corellas are particularly obnoxious around sunrise.. It's quite intense, actually!