Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lowden Waterwheel - Pet Friendly, Free, Basic Campsite

A couple of weeks back we went on a 'meet the members' drive with a 4WD club.  We were invited by the folks we had met at the Queanbeyan 4WD Spectacular, and when we found out that the drive was to Lowden Waterwheel I was keen to go for a trip.  We had been for a drive through the area a while back and I was confident that the trails through there were well within my capability and I wasn't going to damage the vehicle!

We met up with the folks and had a quick stop on the edge of the park to air the tyres down.

A fair line up of 4WD's

The drive took us through parts of both Talaganda State Forest and Talaganda National Park and it's conservation area.  It is a fairly straight forward drive and there should really be no need to go into 4WD for the vast majority of the tracks unless you have hit some untoward weather.

Having traversed some interesting country side we made our way to the Waterwheel where there is a picnic area and a walk in style campsite with limited facilities.

The entry sign

There really is a waterwheel there

There is a bit of history behind the waterwheel.  There is a sign there that indicates that the wheel has recently been restored but was originally built in Queanbeyan and in 1952 it was installed at it's present site which, at the time, was the site of a logging camp.  Beyond the picnic area is a small pond which feeds water to the wheel.  During it's time it was connected to a generator which powered the logging camp, and interestingly was used to charge truck batteries.

I'll have to admit I was a bit slack when it came to taking pictures of the campsite, and the 4WD club had parked vehicles in the area (apparently with permission of State Forests.)  It is a walk in from the nearby car park.  When I say walk in - a couple of meters rather than hundreds.  There are fire pits and sheltered tables there and a mens and ladies long drop toilet.  Someone has thoughtfully installed solar garden lights up to the loo from the campsite.  Drinking water is also available at the site.

OK - the usual camping stuff...
Access:  It is accessible by 2WD.
Toilets: Yes - long drop.
Showers: No.
Water: Yes.
Shop: No - drive to Queanbeyan or Braidwood.
Campfires: Yes - subject to firebans.
Pets: Yes.
Cost: Free.
GPS: S35 30.5324,  E149 36.1758

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  1. very nice comments yet i have now found out this place has been pulled apart by many four wheel drivers this weekend just gone. will be logged as the state forest will not rebuild it..:(