GPS Waypoints

Since Blogger gives me the option of having a 'page' as well as a blog page, I thought that I would give this a bit of a go...

Below are the GPS waypoints for the places reviewed in our travels.  Feel free to us them.

Lowden Waterwheel S35 30.5324,  E149 36.1758
Paddy's River Dam   S35 42.9759, E148 10.0049
Willis (Victoria)        S36 53′ 18.852, E148 25′ 17.832
Three Mile Dam       35.88638S,  148.4527E
Oura Beach             35.1215S, 147.542E
Micalong Creek       S35.188395, E148.68708
Swinging Bridge       S35.164269, E148.687166
Charleyong Crossing S35.245278, E149.891389