Monday, August 17, 2015

Bethungra Dam - Free and Pet friendly

This one is a bit of an oddity.  Not far from the township of Junee, down a couple of kilometers of good quality dirt road is a nice little dam where you can free camp with pets.

We visited during summer and there were a few people around but there was plenty of room to accommodate us all...

The dam itself was built in 1895 to service the township of Junee and was used as a water supply until 1906.

After being closed as a water supply it has mainly been used as a recreational spot

If you are in a camper trailer or caravan there is plenty of room, but that said you might need leveling blocks depending on the water level.  Away from the water edge level spots are hard to find.

It's a pretty small dam - about 14 hectares - but that said there is enough room to paddle a kayak or canoe it is worthwhile having a fish there - redfin and yellowbelly fish well from the dam.

Facilities are limited to a drop loo and a couple of BBQ areas and tables with shelters.

There are a few things to do nearby such as visiting Bethungra and a visit to the licorice factory at Junee is interesting.

Its worth a bit of a drive to find a level spot to set up the camper trailer.

The view from the annex out over Bethungra Dam

Bovine visitors

As the sun begins to set,,,

Monday, April 6, 2015

Dubbo region - Ponto Falls and Goulburn River NP

When a baby Hippo was born at Dubbo Zoo we decided to head out for a look.  As we were travelling with friends who were not campers we hotel-ed it in Dubbo town.  After a couple of days wandering the Zoo our friends headed back home and we decided to have a couple of nights on the way back in the tent.

Our first night was at a place called Ponto Falls.  Not far from the town of Wellington, the road in is sealed except for the last couple of k's - but that is good quality dirt.  Once we got there we noticed that a fair number of people had camped there in 2WD sedans...  It is pet friendly and free, with a loo but no showers, water or firewood is provided.

We set up, had a bit of a fish, did a camp oven dinner and really enjoyed the place.

The next morning we set off for Goulburn River NP.

Not a long drive really, and the road in says 4WD.  In the dry it is a pretty good track.  In the wet it would be diabolical.

We set ourselves up at the Spring Gully Campground.

As the loo's were a bit of a walk we decided to set up the portaloo for the overnighter!

Walking down to river from the campsite was a great way to spend the afternoon.  There are some good swimming holes near by and you can launch a kayak upstream...

Bit of a tease with the view - worth the trip in I'd say...

Next morning we needed to get moving toward home.  Breakfast was called for to sustain us for the drive out so we put the BBQ/fire ring to good use!

A quick trip to the NSW South Coast - Termeil Point Campground

It has been a while since I put anything up on the blog so I have decided to make a bit of an effort to get some of our (and my solo) trips up on here.  In the last while we have been to some great local and even distance touring locations.

I decided that I hadn't been fishing for a while so packed up the 4WD and set off for the South Coast.

A nice little National Park let me do a spot of fishing and gave me the opportunity to take some nice pics...

So with the swag set up under the roll out awning I went off for an unsuccessful attempt at fishing.  (Luckily I had dinner with me in the fridge.

As the sun went down I gave up on the fishing and grabbed the camera.

The sunset over the lake adjacent to the beach was awesome.

A steady hand and the flash lead to this shot of a wattle coming into flower.

And this shot of the waves rolling in just after sunset.

This was one of those little trips to a secluded and little known place that was pretty awesome.  It wasn't packed with 4WD action but there were few other campers, the toilet was clean and tidy.  That said it is not pet friendly, there was no water, showers or firewood.  I was however a relaxing weekend.