Friday, June 1, 2012

Burraga Dam

In February we took a break with some realtives and headed inland to find a peaceful campsite somewhere and have a bit of a break.  The first place was a dud so we moved on to the next site on the list which was Burraga Dam.

Nearby the small town of Burraga which has some facilities like fuel and a small shop, which is convenient.

The Burraga Dam is on Thompson's Creek and apparently it is also known as Thompson's Creek Dam.  The Dam was constructed in the late 1800's to supply water to the local Copper mine.  No longer used for the cooper mine the dam is now a recreational dam, offering fishing, camping and is free and pet friendly.

There is not a lot here - there are some clean and tidy long drop loo's and some pretty neat scenery.  Other than that its all about relaxing.

According to the research I did when we got back the Dam is supposed to be stocked with Rainbow Trout.  I did a little fishing when we were there and mnaged to not catch a thing.  Maybe it is just me.  Interestingly the bait went from the yabbie net.  So if nothing else there must be the odd turtle about.

There is plenty of room to set up camp, doesn't matter whether you are part of a group or on your own.

The dog loved the place as there was plenty of room to walk and play...

There are a couple of tracks around the place - not exactly hardcore 4WD but interesting to see the local area.

My favourite pic of the weekend is the Aussie Mud Map.

I've seen a few of these sort of photos and always wondered wether they were real or fake.  This one is the real deal, you can see my wife and dog is the photo.

Anyways - Burraga Dam is a good spot - free, pet friendly bush camping.

Access: It is accessible by 4WD. 2WD would be OK in dry weather.
Toilets: Yes.
Showers: No.
Water: Not sure - we had our own.
Shop: No.  Small shop in nearby township.
Campfires: Yes - subject to firebans. Bring own wood.
Pets: YES.
Cost: FREE.

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