Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Post Christmas - The Bridle Track

After the ordinary start to our summer break we made our way home and back to work.  After a couple of weeks back at work we decided that we would do a long weekend and head up to the Bridle Track.

We had done a bit of homework about the history of the track and the area.  One thing I didn't pick up was the fact that you can't drive the track from end to end.  The track is closed about mid-way along at the part known as Monahagns Bluff.  Heavy rains, a land slip and a rock slide has the centre of the track closed.

We drove up to Bathurst and while we would have like to go to Hill End via the track we were more than contented to set up camp on the bank of the river and just have a couple of days of free, pet-friendly camping with few others around.

Heading in the first sign was pretty cool - we knew that we were in for an interesting couple of days.

It didn't take us long to get onto the Track in search of a campsite..

There aren't a lot of places in NSW where you can acually camp this close to the rive, with a dog, for free.  We were on the Bathurst side and decided to walk up to have a look at the rock fall that has the Track closed.

Not being able to drive past here, we decided to walk up and have a look at the 'blockage.' 

And this is what has the Track blocked.  A whopping big rock, some of the road has fallen away and there isn't enough room to safely get a vehicle around, other than maybe a push bike...

Nevertheless it was worth the walk up to the rockfall.  The fiew is amazing and you can also see the way the Track was built.

Check out the stone work supporting this little bridge.

After a bit of a walk on a fairly hot day in summer we retired to the campsite for dinner.

We really enjoyed the visit up there.

Access: It is accessible by 4WD. 2WD would be easy OK in dry weather.
Toilets: No.
Showers: No.
Water: Yes.  From the river - given the turtles and yabbies maybe drinkable.
Shop: No.
Campfires: Yes - subject to firebans. Bring own wood.
Pets: YES.
Cost: FREE.


  1. One thing nice to know about is free. Not bad at all for a walking experience. At least you still have nice view of those spots. Looking forward for more of your post.

  2. What a pity they can't get the road opened. Myself and my mates camped on the river at this place year after year. we were 18 and 19 at the time. We rode motor bikes up there and even had the Holden panel van follow us all the way to Hill end. Each night we would attend the pub for pool and coits riding back to camp at closing. Hunting wild goats and rabbits during the day. What a good time of our lives it was. We stopped going after some 15 consecutive years due to familys arriving. I am now well into my 50s and will head on out agin with the grand kids this winter. We only camped in winter as it was the best time of the year on the river for yabbies and fish. And did I mention the leaches, there was always plenty to get off aftrer a swim. We used to use the water straight from the river, just boiling it first. regards garry

  3. Anyway, as long as you had fun camping! :) That's what matters.

    Enjoyed your post. I love the posted photos too. Looks fun to me and the adventures you took are interesting.

    Well, as for those camping newbie here's a link I stumbled upon: Things To Consider When Choosing a Campground

  4. Great blog heading there this long weekend should be good