Monday, August 17, 2015

Bethungra Dam - Free and Pet friendly

This one is a bit of an oddity.  Not far from the township of Junee, down a couple of kilometers of good quality dirt road is a nice little dam where you can free camp with pets.

We visited during summer and there were a few people around but there was plenty of room to accommodate us all...

The dam itself was built in 1895 to service the township of Junee and was used as a water supply until 1906.

After being closed as a water supply it has mainly been used as a recreational spot

If you are in a camper trailer or caravan there is plenty of room, but that said you might need leveling blocks depending on the water level.  Away from the water edge level spots are hard to find.

It's a pretty small dam - about 14 hectares - but that said there is enough room to paddle a kayak or canoe it is worthwhile having a fish there - redfin and yellowbelly fish well from the dam.

Facilities are limited to a drop loo and a couple of BBQ areas and tables with shelters.

There are a few things to do nearby such as visiting Bethungra and a visit to the licorice factory at Junee is interesting.

Its worth a bit of a drive to find a level spot to set up the camper trailer.

The view from the annex out over Bethungra Dam

Bovine visitors

As the sun begins to set,,,

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