Saturday, July 19, 2014

Meanwhile - over at Kevin Gaddes Images

Been a while since I posted on here.

Given that this blog started out being about camping and turned in to being a bit of everything I have decided to establish a second blog  - Kevin Gaddes Images to put up the best of the photos.  To support the new blog I have established a facebook page for the photo blog as well.

I'll start getting some new material on here shortly, following a couple of great camping trips and a bit of a tour through NSW recently.

But do have a look at the other blog and the facebook page for original high quality landscapes, flora and fauna images.

The are both a bit sparse at the moment but the plan is to post one high quality image per week to both.

Hope to see you on either the facebook page or the Images blog soon.  Remember with the facebook page, if you like it you will get updated images as they are posted.

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