Monday, March 14, 2011

Making a come back

Other things have overtaken updating the blog recently.  Some good, some bad - all a part of living life I guess.

We haven't been off in the tent for a while now but have been around doing some interesting things outside of camping...  I have had three of my musical fantasies fulfilled recently.

John Williamson and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra late last year was an amazing show and we had fantastic tickets.

Then Jimmy Buffett came to Sydney so another run up the Hume Highway to see what was the most amazing show I have ever experienced...

The Alan Jackson popped into Australia for a visit.  We saw him at CMC Rocks the Hunter - a 6 hour drive for a two day music festival with Mr Jackson headlining.

At the moment the main computer that I use for photos etc is playing up.  I'll get it sorted shortly and share some of the fun.

Hopefully we can get up some posts about the last couple of camps we did in November/December, complete with photos and GPS Coordinates and I'm back on track.

Catch you soon.

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