Sunday, December 6, 2009

Welcome - and what I am about.

Welcome to the ACT and NSW Camping blog.

I will be setting the site up and adding some content over the next few weeks. It is really a bit of an experiment to see if there is any interest in camping in the ACT/NSW region. We live in the region and camp maybe 25 - 30 nights each year.

A lot of the campsites that will go up on the website will be places that we have actually camped at. Others will be campsites that we have had a day visit to. The main idea for the site is that the majority of the campsites shown on here will be less than a day's drive from Canberra - usually about a half day.

Our preference is for free camping (sometimes called bush camping) where dogs are welcome!

We are pretty well set up, which you will see from some of the pics. We travel in a Land Rover Discovery, we have a big nylon dome tent, fridge, kitchen, toilet and shower. So we can visit most places. If we get the Discovery into 4WD on the way to a campsite we will make a note of it. However generally we don't.

We do from time to time set up camp at commercial caravan parks were that is convenient. Unless we get exceptional treatment, or the facilities are that good we don't intend to plug them. The generally do their own advertising.

So please sign up, follow or just drop by now and again. And please do comment and/or contribute.


  1. Kev, I enjoyed reading your blog very much and viewing your pics (pic tells a 1000 words)....Funny how many other campers approach their camping expeditions similar to us, what we look for, where we like to go and what we like to see....
    Well done.(I'm still 'learning' this computer, not quite up to your standard to start a blog myself yet)

  2. Hi Rosco

    Please stay tuned, there are more bits and pieces to some as we continue our travels. You might find somewhere that you want to visit yourself among the sites we go to.


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